Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon Ramen Bowl with Chopsticks (16 oz)

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This bowl will make any time you want to eat ramen look cute while eating lunch at home by yourself, or having a bowl with friends or with coworkers during lunch. Meals have never been so magical until this bowl was created, just like all of Usagi’s weapons and items. In the name of the moon, have your next meal transformed with convenience wherever your destination. This 16 oz bowl is a great conversation piece for any fan with its kawaii magical girl design. Unleash your inner Sailor and defend the solar system with a bowl of ramen, a sense of justice, and magical girl powers! Usagi and the girls will slay all evil in the universe, ensuring you can eat your ramen in peace.

About this item:

SAILOR SCOUTS PREPARE: Monsters are everywhere! In a world where humans are becoming monsters, you’ll need a sailor scout to help! Enjoy a warm bowl of ramen as Usagi reverses the evil transformations to their once human forms.

GREAT FOR ON THE GO: Our quality bowl holds up to 16oz, it’s perfect for all quantities of ramen, eat it while it’s warm in case you have to fight any surprise monsters or villains. Nobody wants to slay darkness on an empty stomach!

GREAT GIFT FOR ANY MAGICAL GIRL: Usagi isn’t shy about her appetite, Her favorite meals include sweets and ice cream. Instead, use this bowl for something warm like Usagi’s favorite steam buns or ramen! This bowl has a kawaii pattern that any fan would notice.

MOON HEALING ACTIVATION: This premium Sailor Moon is made of 100% safe and healthy ceramic material that you can wash, and reuse again so it never fails you! Place hot food in this mug and enjoy a warm snack!

REFRESH YOUR MOON PRISM POWERS: Our quality mug holds up to 16 oz, it’s perfect for a quick meal, keep your food warm in case you have to fight any surprise villains!