My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia "Deku and Bakugo" Pint Glass (16 oz)

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After a long day of studying exams and hero work, bring out your inner fan! Great for a cold refreshing drink, this is a gift that every hero student should have, grab a glass today and always have some of your favorite UA students with you on the go. Have a refreshing beverage as you watch Deku and Bakugo become heroes! When it comes to drinking cold beverages, grab a stylish glass featuring 2 of your favorite heroes. Always be refreshed and prepared for anything when you have the 2 strongest UA students in your cupboard. It takes a lot to be a hero and a student so whatever your quirk is, make sure you finish your day with a refreshing Plus Ultra glass!


A PLUS ULTRA GIFT: With 16 oz of liquid in each glass, this frosted set includes your favorite anime heroes. Enjoy sharing a drink with Deku and Bakugo, in their first hero outfits when they just entered UA. As Deku grows as a hero, show support for your favorite heroes by grabbing these sets today

GREAT FOR AT HOME USE: When you need a cool drink while at home watching your favorite episodes of My Hero, or you want to organize your workspace by having something to hold your writing utensils.

I AM HERE: Just Like All Might’s catchphrase, make sure your glass lasts longer by gently hand washing it and using only cold liquids. Avoid soaking them to keep these 2 safe from being defeated by villains!

SHOW YOUR QUIRK: This glass set, like Deku, is not completely indestructible. Heroes injure themselves all the time when battling villains. Take care of these drinking glasses by gently hand washing and not soaking them.

UA APPROVED: Great merchandise, perfect for gift giving. Two set of 16 oz drinking glasses, imported. Ages 14