My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia "Class 1-A" Frosted Glass Container (6 oz)

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This jar is great for any My Hero enthusiast! With 6oz of containment and a whole hero academy, you’ll have all the power you need to fight crime and be the best hero you can be. Use this jar for when you need a handy quirk or 2, you can be sure that it’s truly one for all! These heroes will keep your cargo safe. With this much easy storage, be like All Might and Deku by keeping your deepest secrets away from harm. Featuring some of the strongest heroes from UA, you can add this to your collection as a fan of all things good! Put this jar in a secret place that only you know of, you don’t want villains getting a hold of your stash!

About this item:

Deku has inspired lots of his classmates to become better heroes for more than just their own benefit, but for the greatness of all future heroes! Join Class 1-A as they learn new ways to use their quirks! Like the rest of the class, this small container is Plus Ultra
Shrouded in this frosted glass, this stylish jar conceals all!

If you need to tidy up your home by storing all of your teas, herbs, and spices this is the jar for you! With its air-tight lid, things will be sure to have a longer life span and be safe from harm.

Even heroes need help sometimes, keep this container safe by gently hand washing it! Do not put this jar in the washing machine to preserve the integrity of the characters! Tsu may be amphibious, but that’s not so true for the rest of the class

This quality container holds up to 6 oz. Perfect for storing small things in the house to avoid prying eyes. Even heroes have to keep secrets sometimes, with this jar you can safely contain yours