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The Walking Dead: Season 8 - Who Will Survive?
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The Walking Dead: Season 8 - Who Will Survive?

Episode 12 and 13 of The Walking Dead had to be one of the best episodes of the season. It was absolutely action-packed. Rick Grimes actually grabs Lucille, sets her on fire, and proceeds to beat Negan up. The irony was absolutely overwhelming. The fight scene was awesome. Despite being surrounded by Walkers, Negan escapes the fight and is captured by Jadis.

What do we think? Negan is going to convince Jadis that he didn’t know Simon wiped all The Scavengers out. He’s also going to persuade her to bring Simon to The Sanctuary so that Negan can deal with him personally.


In episode 12 & 13,  The Hilltoppers are introduced to a very mysterious group led by Georgie. This woman apparently will trade food in exchange for music records. She also promises to share knowledge about windmills and how to farm. Maggie is very hesitant but surprisingly Michonne is willing to entertain this offer for information. As we all know, knowledge is power. Ofcourse Rosita and Enid sneak up on Georgie from behind and take her prisoner. The offer is simply too good to be true.

In a previous episode, with saw the battle between the Hilltop and Saviors. The Hilltoppers thought they had won the battle until the next morning when their people woke up sick and some of them even turning into Walkers and Biters. It is at the point Daryl Dixon reveals what Negan and The Saviours had done..they had infected their weapons.


This is a major plot point of Season 8 as the War between The Hilltoppers and the Saviours is now becoming more dire. Both sides have extinguished their resources, their people are starving, and ammo is running low. In fact, Tara was struck by Dwight’s arrow and everyone is worried that she might turn. Do we think Dwight infected his arrows? Probably not. He’s definitely no saint, which is why we predict his departure from the show in the next few episodes.

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