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Sailor Moon Home Goods from Stunned Mind!
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Sailor Moon Home Goods from Stunned Mind!

Repost: Michelle Nguyen Bradley

I recently received some amazing Sailor Moon packages from my friends at Stunned Mind, and I want to show you all these cute items they’ve created in anticipation of the Sailor Moon Eternal movies coming to Netflix on June 3rd! Sailor Moon fans will love these!


Face Mask

We’re still masking up these days, and what cuter way to do it than with the print from Usagi’s bedspread from the TV show! The mask comes with a filter pocket and replaceable filter, and has adjustable ear straps, too!

Shop link: Sailor Moon Crystal Pattern Mask


Acrylic Stands

These clear acrylic stands are a great way to show off your moonie fandom in your office or mantle! They look super cute surrounded by flowers, too! These cutouts are only about 6 inches tall, so they’re a great way to decorate without taking up too much space!

Shop links:
Sailor Moon Crystal Acrylic Stand (Back Left)
Sailor Moon Crystal Acrylic Stand (Back Right)
Sailor Moon Crystal Acrylic Stand (Front Left)
Sailor Moon Crystal Acrylic Stand (Front Right)


Bottles and Teacup

The two large water bottles are perfect for the gym, travel or office! I use the sippy cup every day and it sparkles, too! The teacup is holographic and features the Sailor Soldiers’ names in katakana. It’s perfect for a little cup of matcha tea before my workouts!


Dishware Fit for a Moon Princess

The collection of bowels and mugs from Stunned Mind are SO CUTE and elegant enough for me to keep them in my dining room! The two bowls feature holes for chopsticks to rest in, with cute metallic print on both styles of bowl. The extra large mugs are perfect for a large cup of tea when I’m streaming from home! And the little Luna and Artemis teacup and saucer set is the perfect pair to take out when you have company coming over!

Shop links:
Sailor Moon Tea Cups and Saucers
Sailor Moon Bunny and Moon Soup Mug
Sailor Moon Crystal Ramen Bowl with Chopsticks, Gold Moon Pattern


There are also super cute Sailor Moon sunshades, lamps and containers are coming soon!


You can find all of these items and more at!

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