The Office

The Office 'Jim and Pam" 1000 Piece Puzzle (29.5 x 20 inches)

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Show off your love for Pam & Jim Mini by hanging up her watercolor painting of Dunder Mifflin! 

About this item:

GREAT GIFT FOR ANY DWIGHT FAN: From Pam's canvas to your desk to your wall, bring some of the show’s best art home with you and show odd how much of a fan you truly are.

GREAT FOR LONG NIGHTS: For those who need a little enjoyment in their life! You’ll have your very own painting from Pam’s artistic hands to yours, reminding you of the good times between Jim and Pam.

DO IT THE SCRANTON WAY: This 1000-piece set will give tons of fun to you and all of your work friends, AND it will look great hanging up in your own office. And fans of The Office, they’ll know and love this art piece featuring Pam and Jim together.

MAKE IT LAST: Make sure to keep track of your pieces! Like the characters in the office, every employee has a job and every puzzle piece has its function within this wall art.

DUNDER MIFFLIN APPROVED: Great merchandise from The Office, perfect for gift giving. One 29.5” x 20” constructible wall art imported. Ages 14+