Taco Bell

Taco Bell Hot Sauce Pattern Party Invites (4 x 7 inches)

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Product Description:

Treat yourself to a nice meal from Taco Bell while you take it home and eat it with whoever you plan to invite. Just like any of your favorite foods, it’s better in groups so use these invites to make Taco Bell all the more fun. This set of 8 will make all of your planning much more manageable, so grab a pack to give out and make your planning all the spicier. Nobody wants a cold burrito, stay heated inside and out! Heat up your future plans to show your friends what you crave, especially if you're getting a weekend lunch. With these spicey packets, your social gatherings will never start off bland.

About this item:

• FEEL THE HEAT: Let this set of 4 is great for organizing events such as game nights, birthday parties, or any social gatherings. These invites will please all of your guests' inner foodies as you surround yourself with all things Taco Bell-related. Sleep off your last meal in style

• A SUPREME GATHERING: Invite your friends over in style with these spicy designs that will make a great impression on any fiestas. There’s no better way to show how much you love food than to bring people over with these high-quality planners.

• LAYERS OF FUN: After a delicious meal from your local Taco Bell, use these invites to wrap up your scheduling, complete with an area to-place information like locations, times, and important dates. This stylish pack of 8 will give you just the right amount of space to get the word out.

• A SPICY PARTY INVITE: Like the free sauces you get when ordering from the drive-through, you can toss these invites to your next dinner party. This is one product that your friends will love.

• TACO BELL APPROVED: Original merchandise, perfect for gift giving. One, 4” x 7” party invites, imported. Ages 14+