PlayStation Car Sunshade

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During a long day of gaming on the newest console, make sure your car is nice and cool before you head out to get more gamer fuel. Whether it’s online smashing records competitively or having a great adventure on the next deep story-driven experience, Playstation is a console you can depend on! Show how much of a fan you are as you experience gaming at its finest. Grab a controller and play a combat game with your friends or watch a series on any streaming service, whatever your plans are it’s never bad to have a bit of support. Let everyone know how great of a player you are while you display this sunscreen in your vehicle!

About this item:

Show off how much of a gamer you really are with this sunshade featuring the obvious button symbols for the PlayStation. Have a Playstation Sunshade Windshield that will keep your vehicle protected from the sun! In a boss fight against the sun, this product comes in handy.

This sunshade will keep your car from overheating conditions! Every gamer knows not to let their system run for too long, just as you should do your best to keep your car cool. Don’t let the heat defeat you, grab your Playstation Sunshade Windshield today.

Bring out your inner gamer, where everyone can see how much of a Playstation fan you really are! This Playstation Sunshade will keep your car in the shade and bring some style to your vehicle.

After a long day out in the sun, putting this sunshade away is as easy as finding your next autosave.

Play Station merchandise, perfect for gift giving. One, 28” x 58” Playstation Sunshade or Windshield imported. Ages 14+