Golden Girls

Golden Girls "Golden since 85" Fleece Blanket with air freshener (45 x 60 inches)

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This blanket and air freshener combo is perfect for relaxing while you relive your golden years like the ladies of “The Golden Girls” live in theirs. These girls are always there for each other, let them be there for you while you have this pineapple-scented air freshener for when you’re on the go and then come home to this warm blanket around you. Fans of the show should appreciate this blanket for what is, a reminder that when you get older, the world doesn’t stop you from living, and true friends are forever. Get one for yourself and one for someone else you cherish and may clash with!


GREAT GIFT ANY FAN: This blanket and air freshener pairing is perfect for long trips as you take in the refreshing pineapple scent and have the girls with you anywhere. Enjoy time with this fabulous foursome: Rose, Sophia, Blanche, and Dorothy.

ON THE GO OR AT HOME: Whether you’re driving to work and back, or sitting at home watching your favorite episode of “The Golden Girls” you can take them wherever and remember the golden years.

BEING A FRIEND: The Golden Girls may have some drama between each other but they always make up in the end. Make sure you share you show off your collection with your friends as well.

MAKE IT LAST: Make sure your blanket lasts as long as the girl’s friendship with the proper care! Machine wash in a gentle cycle with cold water, tumble dry on low heat for that warm, fuzzy feeling.

OFFICIALLY LICENSED: Golden Girls merchandise, perfect for gift giving. One, 45” x 60” fleece blanket and air freshener. Imported. Ages 14