Stunned Mind

Air-tight Glass Container (6 oz)

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This Glass jar with an elegant design is what any home needs for better storage of herbs, spices, teas, or what have you! Keep whatever you store fresher for longer periods of time!

KEEP YOUR HERBS FRESH: This airtight container keeps items fresher for longer. It is perfect for herbs, cosmetics, lotions, teas, and much more. Our herb holder is airtight, water-tight, and smell proof. It blocks visible light which extends freshness for at least 6 months. Have full confidence knowing that the smell-proof & airtight lid locks in all scents and smells.

PROTECT YOUR STASH: High quality glass protection keeps your items safe and in a contained space. The easy to carry jar is perfect for home or on the go use. The empty jar weighs in at 6oz and is 8.5" x 3.1" The perfect size to fit in a pocket or carry in a purse or handbag. 

DUST & DEBRIS FREE STORAGE: Keep debris out of your stash. The lid provides a tight seal that ensures your herbs are free from unwanted dust & debris. The perfect solution to prevent clutter, keeping all your storage needs in one innovative stash container!

SIMPLE & EASY TO CLEAN: Use a tissue or wet cloth to gently wipe the inside wall of the stash jar. Gently dab dry with a dry cloth and it's ready to use. A long lasting solution to all of your herb storage needs!