Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon "Accessories" Ramen Soup Bowl

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This mug will keep any sailor scout looking fashionable when going out with friends, or eating lunch at home to yourself, improve your meals by making them more magical. In the name of the moon, have your next meal transformed with convenience wherever your destination.

About this item:

Usagi isn’t shy about her appetite, Her favorite meals include sweets and ice cream. Instead, use this mug for something warm like Usagi’s favorite steam buns! This soup mug has a kawaii appearance that any fan would notice

This premium Sailor Moon mug is made of 100% safe and healthy ceramic material. Keep your Moon Prism Power pure by gently hand washing, and not microwaving this product

Our quality mug holds up to 12 oz, it’s perfect for any meal, keep your food warm in case you have to fight any surprise monsters or villains.

Monsters are everywhere! In a world where humans are becoming monsters, you’ll need a sailor scout to help! Enjoy a warm mug good for both soup and a warm beverage as Usagi reverses the evil transformations to their once human forms.