Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon Luna and Artemis Pint Glasses | Set of 2 | 16 oz

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Product Description:

After a long day of studying exams and fighting the darkness, bring out your inner fan! Great for any cold refreshing drink, this is a gift that every magical girl should have, grab a glass today and always have some of your favorite Magical Girls around. Have a refreshing beverage as you watch Usagi and her friends do their best in saving the Universe! When it comes to drinking a cold beverage, grab a stylish glass featuring all 5 Sailor Scouts. If you’ve been watching from the beginning, or just became a fan from watching Sailor Moon on Netflix and Hulu, these glasses are good enough for any fan of the Sailor Scouts, Usagi, Chibi Moon, Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus, Mars, Venus, Mercury or Artemis and Luna.

About this item:

  • A MAGICAL GIFT: With 16 oz of liquid in each glass, this set includes your favorite talking space cats from space. Enjoy sharing a drink with Princess Serenity and Tuxedo Kamen, in their dashing outfits when before they reincarnated. As Usagi grows as a sailor scout, show support for your favorite magical girls by grabbing this set today
  • MOON HEALING ACTIVATION: This premium Sailor Moon set is made of quality glass, for all of your tasty beverages. Keep your Moon Prism Power pure by gently hand washing, and not only using cold water in this glass
  • REFRESH YOUR MOON PRISM POWERS: Our quality glasses are perfect for any and all cold beverages, so you can always have a refreshing beverage after any surprise monsters or villains. Be it after your latest training excercises or after studying for exams, this set will be there for you
  • SAILOR SCOUTS PREPARE: Monsters are everywhere! In a world where humans are becoming monsters, you’ll need a sailor scout to help! Enjoy an ice cold glass of water, milk or any refreshing beverage as Usagi reverses the evil transformations back to their once human forms
  • LUNA AND ARTEMUS APPROVED: Great merchandise, perfect for gift giving. 2 set of 16 oz drinking glasses, imported. Ages 14+