Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon "Luna and Artemis" Tea Cup (6 oz)

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This tea cup will keep any scout looking fashionable when hanging out with friends, Bring out your moon prism power and enjoy a refreshing cup of tea. In the name of the moon, transform an ordinary day into a delightful tea party. This 6 oz tea cup is a great conversation piece for any fan with its lovely imagery, complete with a saucer plate. Unleash your inner Sailor and defend the solar system with tea in hand, grab your favorite cats now!

About this item:

SAILOR SCOUTS PREPARE: Luna and Artemis would advise that these cups be gently hand-washed only. Do not microwave this mug as the moon prism power might fade.

HIGHEST QUALITY PRODUCT: This premium Sailor Moon set is made of 100% safe and healthy ceramic material that you can wash, and reuse again so it never fails you! Place hot or cold tea and have a magical girl tea party.

GREAT GIFT FOR ANY MAGICAL GIRL: Socialize with your friends by sharing a cup of tea featuring your favorite cats Luna and Artemis! These are great conversation pieces as you converse in the presence of Queen Serenities' advisors.

GREAT FOR SMALL GATHERINGS: Our quality, cups hold up to 6 oz, perfect for sipping. Being a sailor scout can be tiring, take a break with some afternoon tea

LOVELY DESIGN: elegant style design, complement traditional and contemporary tastes, which has made it suitable for a tea party, afternoon tea, weddings, holidays, and other special occasions.