Sailor Moon Crystal

Sailor Moon "Crystal" Ramen Bowl with Chopsticks (15 oz)

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Nothing can get in the way of a girl and her ramen. Not even the Dark Kingdom! Stay fueled and nourished so you can fight evil wherever it may be! This Sailor Moon Crystal ramen bowl includes a built-in chopsticks holder and a golden graphic featuring flowers and Sailor Guardian symbols. Chopsticks included. Whether you like noodles, dumplings, or fried rice, this bowl is what you need. 

About this item:

GREAT GIFT FOR ANY MAGICAL GIRL: Heat up your food with moon prism power! This handy soup mug is microwave safe and will have you loving your meals like Usagi loves hers, enjoy eating steam buns in this mug that is sure to help you fight evil.

HIGHEST QUALITY PRODUCT: This premium Sailor Moon is made of 100% safe and healthy ceramic material that you can wash, and reuse again so it never fails you! This mug will transform your cold food into a hot meal!

SAILOR SCOUTS PREPARE:  Because of its delicate artwork, this bowl is meant for gentle hand washing only and is not microwavable.

OFFICIALLY LICENSED: Sailor Moon Crystal merchandise. One, 15 oz Imported. Ages 14+