Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty “Schrodinger’s Cats” Coffee Mug (11 oz)

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This Rick and Morty, Shrodinger’s Cat mug is a great product to have before any adventure as you’re greeted by the multiverse's greatest scientist! Start the day off right, and grab your nearest portal gun! There’s no better way to travel than to randomly pop up in what Rick consider’s the worst possible timeline, or the best if you want to be surrounded by thousands of the same cat all at once.


CATS FROM NO-TIMELINE: Are you both a Rick and Morty and a big cat person? With this mug, you can experience the moment when Rick and Morty teleported to a time when there is no timeline. Add any hot beverage to this mug and reveal these floating cats that everyone can enjoy

EXPERIENCE THE PARADOX: Just like Shrodinger’s Cat, this mug can exist in a multitude of ways. You can use this mug to drink any warm beverage or to impress your friends as decor that you can interact with. Bring this mug with you if you ever get trapped in a paradox, like Rick

PROTECT YOUR EQUIPMENT: To travel like Rick you need your equipment to be in top shape, so you know that this mug is quality made. Do not soak this mug, gently handwash to keep this mug in working condition, and do not microwave

EXPLORE THE MULTIVERSE: This quality mug holds up to 11 oz, perfect for sitting at home and plotting your next big adventure across all galaxies and alternate realities. Make sure you keep your time traveling machine on you so that you can be home to enjoy your next cup of coffee

RICK APPROVED: Rick and Morty merchandise, perfect for gift giving. One, 11 oz coffee mug imported. Ages 14+