Naruto Shippuden "Akatsuki" Battery Powered String Lights (10 Lights)

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Great Gift For Any Shinobi: Bring the strength of the most feared group of ninjas to your home with this stylish line of clouds to light up your home for the holidays. Grab 1 for you and your friends so that you can join the Akatsuki with the likes of Itachi, Pain, and Tobi.

Join The Akatsuki: For those long nights binge-watching your favorite anime, watch your favorite villain's fight while they battle against the Shinobi Alliance. You can show your support to this mysterious gang of exiles while hanging these lights on your wall, railings, or Christmas tree.

Express Your Ninja Way: Just like the Akatsuki’s history, make sure these lights last with the proper care! Keep these lights in working shape by replacing the 2 AA batteries and 10 LED lights, so that the Akatsuki can continue to work towards their goal.

A Quality Ninja Tool: You can truly make an impression in your hidden ninja base by placing these around your room or house on the holidays! This string light will lead you to the next target for the Akatsuki.

Hokage Approved: Great merchandise, perfect for gift giving. One, Battery powered String Light set imported. Ages 14+