Naruto Shippuden "Team 7" Set of 4 Shot Glasses (2 oz)

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About This Product:

  • GREAT FOR ALL NINJAS: Team 7’s story goes way back to their time at Ninja Academy. Naruto, an orphan who grew up a loner and wanted to become Hokage, and Sasuke want revenge on his older brother Itachi. Upon becoming Genin these 2, along with Sakura formed team 7 with Kakashi as their squad leader.
  • SHINOBI GRADE EQUIPMENT: Just as these 4 were once a team, you can share a drink with all of your friends or coworkers and show how much of a fan you are. These 4 ninjas have been through a lot, so you can count on them to keep your cold drinks safe.
  • YOUR NINJA WAY: This quality, glass holds up to 2 oz of your favorite beverage, fill it up with any cold beverage! Use these glasses for whatever you want, including use as a decorative piece to hold your toothpick or other small items.
  • CAREFUL ON YOUR MISSION: Our quality, glass holds up to 2 oz. In order to ensure long-lasting use, this glass must be hand washed only and not soaked.
  • LEAF VILLAGE APPROVED: Naruto merchandise, perfect for gift giving. One, 2 oz mini glass, imported. Ages 14+


For any occasion, be it studying for your Chunin exams, mastering your sage arts, going on patrol, or becoming Hokage it’s a ninja’s job to be prepared. This 2 oz mini glass will be just the tool to keep your Chakra levels up and your thirst quenched! There’s no better way to show off your “Ninja way” than to have the Hero of the Leaf and the rest of Team 7 with you. Don’t go on a mission alone, Kakashi has stressed the importance of never leaving a friend behind, and using teamwork! As they train to improve their skills as ninjas, you too can join with these 4 small glasses. Grab the set so that you can go on missions with your friends!