Naruto Shippuden Team Seven Fruit Infuser Double Wall Plastic | 25 oz

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About This Product:

  • GREAT FOR ANY SHINOBI: For those fans of the Naruto original Team 7 days, grab this bottle to support the brothers of the Uchiha clan. Hydrate yourself as Sasuke searches to avenge his family and discover his brothers dark past with this stylish water bottle
  • A QUALITY NINJA TOOL: Refill and reuse this water bottle while you train to be the next Hokage. This double walled plastic bottle will keep your liquids cold for your convenience, Just as Haku assists Zabuza so that they can both survive
  • YOUR NINJA WAY: Ninja’s have to prepare, and with this 25 oz water bottle is no exception. Stay hydrated and ready for even S-Ranked missions by using this bottle, complete with a sealed lid and double walled for extra protection
  • CAREFUL ON YOUR MISSION: Our quality, stainless steel bottle holds up to 25 oz with minimal spillage. Perfect for a walk, working out at the gym and for watching your favorite anime online! Shinobi can run on water, so stay equally dry with this water bottle complete with a sealing jutsu.
  • HOKAGE APPROVED: Naruto merchandise, perfect for gift giving. It is a double wall Plastic bottle, keep water bottle safe from falling on the floor, imported. Ages 14+

For any occasion, be it studying for your Chunin exams, mastering your sage arts, going on patrol, or becoming Hokage it’s a ninja’s job to be prepared. This water bottle will be just the tool you need to keep your mind sharp so you can take on the 5 Great Nations like Itachi or Madera! There’s no better way to show off your “Ninja way” than to have the most fearsome team of ninjas on your side while you’re on the go. You are featuring Zabuza, Haku, Kakashi, and Naruto right by your side, ready to defend you from any and all threats that may come your way. Made of stainless steel and able to hold up to 25 oz of water beverage you choose. This water bottle is the perfect travel container. Everyone is going to be so jealous that you are the only one with this excellent Naruto Shippuden stainless steel water bottle. This water bottle is great for the gym, on a walk, at work, or at home. Perfect for anywhere and everywhere you go. Grab yours today and see what all the hype is about. Join team seven!