Naruto Shippuden "Ichiraku" Ramen Bowl (18 oz)

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For any occasion, be it studying for your Chunin exams, mastering your sage arts, going on patrol, or becoming Hokage it’s a ninja’s job to be prepared. This 18 oz soup mug will be just the tool you need to keep your Chakra levels up and your belly full and master the elements! There’s no better way to show off your “Ninja way” than to have the hero of the leaf’s favorite ramen with you. While Naruto can probably out-eat anyone when it comes to ramen, with this 18 oz mug you can show off your ramen-eating skills. Ichiraku is a brand you can believe in! Buy this Ichiraku mug today and let everyone know your ninja way!

About this item:

GREAT GIFT ANY SHINOBI: A ninja can’t work on an empty stomach! Fill this Ichiraku Ramen branded soup mug for your daily dose of Naruto’s favorite restaurant. 

ALWAYS BE PREPARED ON A MISSION: Be like Naruto and have Ichiraku for every meal! This Mug is great for quick lunches or dinners, especially if like Naruto you’re obsessed with ramen. This mug comes with a handy lid to control steam in a way that would make fire-style users jealous.

PERFECT FOR HOME MEALS: Enjoy an episode of Naruto at home with a snack by using this mug for your ramen, soup, or any warm meal at the dinner table using it as a centerpiece.

RAMEN!: Our quality, 18 oz ceramic mug is 100% food safe. This dish is microwaveable and dishwasher safe, perfect for quick and easy cleaning.