Naruto Shippuden 53-Piece 3D Ichiraku Ramen Shop Puzzle (5.5 x 5.59 x 5.75 inches)

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After a long day of doing missions for the village, enjoy having this puzzle to relax with, just as Shikamaru does with his father in Shogi, and prepare for your next big assignment! Even ninja needs time off to think and strategies so that they can be prepared for whatever dangers the next day brings. Like Naruto, you too can have ramen to enjoy every day! Display your Leaf Village pride as you decorate your home with the finished 3D puzzle and show off your ninja way to all of your friends! Eat in the same atmosphere as the rest of Konoha village with this buildable replica shop!

About this item:

GREAT GIFT FOR ANY SHINOBI: Sit down and enjoy a fun 3D puzzle to assemble your very own Ichiraku Ramen Shop! Let out your inner Leaf Shinobi as Naruto takes you and the rest of team 7 to his favorite place to eat ramen!

HAVE ICHIRAKU EVERY DAY: For those nights at home after binging your favorite anime, this puzzle is perfect for assembling yourself for personal enjoyment or together as a team! Like the rest of the Leaf Village, you will find yourself wanting more of Ichiraku!

YOUR FAVORITE RAMEN SHOP: This 53-piece 3D puzzle makes a great replica for display at home so that you can show it off to your friends in the way only a Naruto fan can! 

A QUALITY NINJA TOOL: A Ninja’s resolve never fades, make sure you handle this puzzle with care, or just like when pain attacked the leaf village, the shop might be in ruins! Every piece is important for assembly, so if you don’t want to keep designing this puzzle.