My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia "Plus Ultra" Ramen Bowl with Chopsticks (16 oz)

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This bowl is great for anyone aspiring to be as great of a hero as All Might! With all 16 ounces, you’ll have all the fighting fuel you’ll need to fight crime and be the best hero you can be! Make your powers your own as this mug is truly one for all! Bring out 100% of your power so that you can get through your day and be the best hero you can be. This mug is perfect for showing your friends and family how great of a fan you truly are. With the same pattern seen on the outfits of the UA students, you can express just how much of a hero you want to be. Any aspiring member of Class 1-A looking to go plus ultra needs this MHA merch, if you’re a fan of Heroes Rising or a fan of Deku, Todoroki, or All Might, This merch is for you!


Show everyone who your favorite Plus Ultra hero in training is! Just like Deku, be a better hero at the greatest hero academy of all time! You can now show off your school pride, just like in the Hero Exams, and show what kind of quirk you have with this bowl.

Just as Deku struggles to be a better hero, grab a bowl and fuel your passion for being the next #1 hero! Use this bowl while you study with a late-night snack or when watching your favorite anime.

Even heroes need help sometimes, keep your bowl safe by gently hand washing it, this will prevent any damage from harming him. Unlike the Taiyaki which Gran Torino loves so much, this mug is not microwave-safe.

Our quality bowl holds up to 16 oz. Perfect for sitting at home and watching your favorite Heroes in action.

My Hero merchandise, perfect for gift giving. One, 16 oz ramen bowl Imported. Ages 14+