My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia "Deku and Bakugo" Set of 4 Glasses (16 oz)

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Putting the FUN in functionality! Bring this glass set with you to any events with other My Hero fans and show which of these 2 are your favorite! These glasses measure out 16 ounces for any of your favorite beverages for a fresh taste of justice while sharing a few cold drinks with some friends. Grab your set today to start your fun-filled hero adventures A quirky toast to life! Raise a glass to being a Hero! Whether you’re a Bakugo or Deku fan, there’s always room for one more hero among the Pro Heroes. Share with everyone you know in the fandom! These glasses will make any experience Plus Ultra, It’s just what you need to save the night from evildoers!

About this item:

GREAT GIFT FOR ANY HERO: Have some refreshing beverages with your friends, just as Deku and Bakugo share the secret of One For All! This set of 4 features Both Deku and Bakugo in their casual and hero outfits. This is a set any fan can enjoy

GREAT FOR PARTIES: This glass set makes a “Plus Ultra” impression on any fan group aesthetics. Improve your next friend gathering with this My Hero theme drink set.

PLUS ULTRA PRODUCTS: These 16 oz glasses can transport any liquids you plan on drinking in style. Make sure your heroes are here to stay, as this glass is to be gently washed only. Keep these two ready for action and do not soak

ACADEMICAL ACTION: This glass depicts everyone’s favorite heroes from class 1-A. Just like Deku, be resourceful for those times your quirk may be a little too powerful by using this as a pen holder or for other small items used in your daily routine.

OFFICIALLY LICENSED: Great My Hero merchandise, perfect for gift giving. Four, 16 oz