My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia "Deku" Fleece Blanket (45 x 60 inches)

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  • A PLUS ULTRA GIFT: Every fan knows of Deku's One For All Quirk. Just like how All Might passed his powers to Midoriya, give this blanket to a friend so that they can enjoy it.
  • GREAT FOR RELAXING: For those long nights binge-watching your favorite animes, watch your favorite heroes while feeling protected under this blanket.
  • I AM HERE: Just Like All-Might's catchphrase, make sure your blanket lasts with proper care! Machine wash in a gentle cycle with cold water, tumble dry on low heat for that, and feel secure because a hero is watching you.
  • SHOW YOUR QUIRK: Like in the Hero Exams, you can make an impression at home by placing this on your bed, couch, or chair! This blanket is great if you want to be the next #1 hero.
  • UA APPROVED: Great merchandise, perfect for gift giving. One, 45 x 60 Fleece Blanket Imported. Ages 14+


After a long day of studying exams and hero work, bring out your inner fan! Any fan of Deku is a fan of All Might, so grab a blanket of the next #1 Hero for any occasion! This is a gift that every fan should have, grab a blanket today and always have your favorite UA student with you on the go. When it comes to good sleep, look no further! Like all great heroes, never miss a night's rest and be prepared for anything. It takes a lot to be a hero and a student, make sure you wake up ready for anything.