My Hero Academia Ceramic Ramen Bowl with Spoon (20 oz)

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This bowl is great for anyone aspiring to be as great of a hero as All Might! With all 16 ounces, you’ll have all the fighting fuel you’ll need to fight crime and be the best hero you can be! Make your powers your own as this mug is truly one for all! Bring out 100% of your power so that you can get through your day and be the best hero you can be. This mug is perfect for showing your friends and family how great of a fan you truly are. With the same pattern seen on the outfits of the UA students, you can express just how much of a hero you want to be.


Deku has inspired lots of his classmates to become better heroes for more than just their own benefit, but for the greatness of future heroes! As you use this mug for soup, coffee, or any warm foods be sure to appreciate the 3 great heroes in training.

Your time lounging at home will not be complete without this soup mug! Just like Bakugo, you can make an explosive impact among friends and family, complete with a hot meal to stir up that heroic appetite.

Even heroes need help sometimes, keep your mug safe by gently hand washing it, this will prevent any damage from harming him. Unlike the Taiyaki which Grand Toreno loves so much, this mug is not microwaved safe.

This quality, soup mug holds up to 20 oz. Perfect for sitting at home and watching your favorite Heroes in action. Take it with you for your lunch breaks, as the spoon and mug are easily transportable. Be like Todoroki and make sure it’s at the perfect temperature.

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