My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia "All Might" Carnival Cup (20 oz)

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For those striving to be better heroes, or just to master your day-to-day education! With this lid, you can show off the explosive power of One For All. All Might is the symbol of peace against all of those within the League of Villains. Being a hero is hard work so make sure you always have a cold beverage with this carnival cup. When hydrating with this carnival cup, be Plus Ultra. This cup is perfect for showing your friends and family how much of a fan you truly are! Show your support for the future Heroes as they follow the path set by All Might himself.

About this item:

A PLUS ULTRA GIFT: Join the All Might as he saves citizens from Villains of all kinds! These 3 don’t just have a rivalry, their goal is to be the next #1 hero after graduation but to do that they must learn how to better control their powers

HYDRATE LIKE A HERO: You too can have what it takes to be a top-notch hero like All Might! This carnival cup will have you traveling with whatever cold beverage you prefer, being a hero is thirsty work

A HEROES SUPPORT: Even heroes need help with preparation and care, make sure your carnival cup isn’t overpowered by germs by gently hand washing it, this will prevent any damage from these young heroes. Cold liquids work best, especially when putting out the flames of evildoers

HIGHEST QUALITY PRODUCTS: Whether you’re a juice or water drinker, this Plus Ultra water bottle is made of 100% safe BPA-free plastic material that you can wash, and reuse whenever!