Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super "Universe 7 Heroes" Blanket

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After a long day of hunting dragon balls, pop open this tin dragon ball and rest up! As Master Roshi said, “Work hard, study well and eat and sleep plenty!” You can’t go wrong with this blanket and stylish case, it’s a gift that every fan should have. Grab a blanket today and always have your favorite anime with you on the go.

When it comes to good sleep, look no further! Like all of the great fighters, never miss a night's rest and be prepared for anything. Feel the energy of a good night's rest so that you can Spirit Bomb your exhaustion away.

About this item:

YOUR WISH HAS BEEN GRANTED: Incased of this tin dragon ball are the heroes of Earth, here to protect universe 7! Enjoy sleeping while feeling protected from the multiverse with your favorite out-of-this-world fighters

STORE YOUR BLANKET IT STYLE: This portable container is great for long trips, and you’ll always be warm. Like Goku, always keep a 4-star ball near you, for those cold nights you’ll wish you had a blanket on

DON’T FIGHT FOR COMFORT: One thing a Saiyan doesn’t fight is sleep! This blanket will ensure you rest comfortably and keep you in fighting shape for the days to come! You can’t win a tournament without a good night's rest

WASH WITH CARE: Make sure your blanket lasts as long as Goku’s fighting spirit with the proper care! Machine wash in a gentle cycle with cold water, tumble dry on low heat for that warm, Super Saiyan feeling.

GOKU APPROVED: Great merchandise, perfect for gift giving. One, 45” x 60” fleece blanket Imported. Ages 14+