Dr. Stone

Dr. Stone "Senku" Coffee Mug (with bonus Senku Pin)

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Science has never been so comfortable with this 11 oz coffee mug that will have you feeling awake and ready for some science throughout the day! Don’t let your world turn to stone when you have Senku on your side. The Kingdom of Science is where you need to be when you’re stuck in the stone age, and having this Senku pin with you is the way to go.

Show your support to Senku as he paves his way into a literal brighter future with this button! Help Senku beat Shishio in order to recreate the world of science or force it to stay in the age of Stone.

About this item:

KINGDOM OF SCIENCE: After waking up thousands of years after the world turned to stone, Senku has made it his goal to return to civilization with science! Join Senku and his friends as they work together to make the world a more advanced place, starting with this 11oz coffee mug and enamel combo.

BACK TO CIVILIZATION: Drink your favorite beverage from a mug, the way a modern citizen would! Just like how Senku wants to bring back civilization, bring this mug everywhere you go before the world as you know it goes to stone while taking this Senku pin to show how much of a fan you are!

LASTING FOR YEARS: For a better aging product, make sure you care for this item so it lasts. This mug is to be gently hand washed to preserve the integrity of the decal by not microwaving it or soaking it.

GOODBYE STONE AGE: The cold, dark stone age is a thing of the past, be like Senku and use your knowledge for the better. This Mug combo is a great collection of modern items for you to enjoy.