Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer "Fox Mask" Coffee Mug | 11 Oz

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A Gift Fit For A Hashira: Bring out your inner Demon Slayer with this mug featuring Tanjiro’s fox mask. Be like Tanjiro and train like the best with the water-breathing technique. Use this mug to fill with all of your warm beverages as you rid the world of demons

Defeat The Demon King: As Tanjiro prepares to fight Muzan and eventually save his sister, you can follow his steps, by using this mug featuring his in-training fox mask! Tanjiro must get stronger, but first, he needs to prepare and train, use this mug to organize your desk or to prepare for the morning, trying to be like the Hashiras.

Protect Nezuko: Fighting demons will require some backup, keep your mug safe by gently hand washing it, this will prevent any damage from being harmed. This mug, like many of the monsters Tanjiro has fought, is not fireproof so do not place it in a microwave.

A Demon Slayer In Training: Our quality mug holds up to 11 oz for all of your favorite beverages. Perfect for sitting at home and watching your favorite Slayers in action, or for holding your important writing utensils.

Demon Slayer Corps Approved: Demon Slayer merchandise, perfect for gift giving. One, 11 oz Coffee Mug Imported. Ages 14+