Demon Slayer

4 Sets of Demon Slayer Chopsticks (Feat. Nezuko, Tanjuro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke)

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About this item:

GIFTS FIT FOR A HASHIRA: Grab yourself this 4-set of chopsticks and dig into some sushi and/or ramen with these eating utensils featuring patterns worn by Nesuko and Tanjiro! Sit down and have a meal with these demon-slaying siblings

DEFEAT THE DEMON KING: Have a meal and show off how much of a Demon Slayer fan you are! Tanjiro and Nesuko are inseparable, just as these chopsticks will be during your next dinner or lunch break

PROTECT NEZUKO: This chopstick set is great for at-home meals, make sure you keep these eating utensils clean so that you're ready to slay that next bowl of ramen or tray of sushi.

A DEMON SLAYER IN TRAINING: This sushi set depicts the iconic patterns used on Tanjiro, Nezuko, and Zenitsu’s outfits along with a pattern relating to Inosuke so your utensils are ready for better meal prep and you’re better fueled for the slaying of demons.

DEMON CORPS APPROVED: Great Demon Slayer merch, perfect for gift giving. 4 sets of chopsticks imported. Ages 14+