Demon Slayer

2 Pack of Demon Slayer Chopsticks Sets

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For those times when you’re sitting at home and watching Demon Slayer, this set makes the best possible combo and will provide you with the energy strong enough to take out even the strongest of demons! While trying to figure out how to save his sister, even Tanjiro needs to take a break to eat and be strong. Enjoy your sushi or ramen in the most stylish way possible. Grab a plate and fill it up with enough sushi to share with your friends! No matter what breathing techniques you learn, anyone can be a demon slayer if they try hard enough. It takes a lot to become a Hashira, so make sure you finish your training regime with this set made for 2.

GIFTS FIT FOR A HASHIRA: Grab yourself this set of 2 chopsticks and dig into some sushi or ramen with these eating utensils featuring patterns worn by Nesuko and Tanjiro! Sit down and have a meal with these demon-slaying siblings

DEFEAT THE DEMON KING: Have a meal and show off how much of a Demon Slayer fan you are! Tanjiro and Nesuko are inseparable, just as these chopsticks will be during your next dinner or lunch break

PROTECT NEZUKO: This chopstick set is great for at-home meals, make sure you keep these eating utensils clean so that you're ready to slay that next bowl of ramen or tray of sushi. 

DEMON SLAYER IN TRAINING: This sushi set depicts the iconic patterns used on Tanjiro and Nezuko’s outfits so your utensils are ready for better meal prep! Enjoy the lunch and refuel for your next demon-slaying mission in a stylish fashion

FOR ANY HERO: Designed with a tapered tip and grooved rings, these chopsticks are designed to make eating a breeze. Quickly grip your noodles, meats, or rice with these user-friendly chopsticks!

DEMON CORPS APPROVED: Great Demon Slayer merch, perfect for gift giving. Set of 2 chopsticks imported. Ages 14+