Big Dick

Big Dick Energy Travel Can (10 oz)

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About this item:

FUN GIFT IDEA: This comical travel can is a great gag gift and is sure to get laughs from all of your friends. We all know someone without BDE that could use this magical "HARDCORE Energy Drink" right? This novelty travel can makes any drink fun with its hilarious design.

TRAVEL SIZED: Tired of bulky travel mugs or bottles? This 10 oz travel can is great for the park, the gym, or anywhere else. Travel Can does not include any beverage, liquid courage, or BDE inside.

TAKE IT TO WORK: This can is full of “Big Dick Energy” as you can fill this can with any energy drink. Use and refill easily on the go.

HANDLE WITH CARE: This premium can is 100% safe with double-walled stainless steel. Gently hand wash only, do not microwave. Cold liquids only in this 10oz Stainless Steel Travel Can, "BIG DICK ENERGY" - Label shows Strawberry Delight "HARDCORE ENERGY DRINK"

Product Description:

This refillable beverage can is the perfect hilarious novelty gift for anyone with a subtle sense of humor. Insulated, this beverage can is washable, reusable, and can contain any cold beverage including water, beer, juice, and cocktails. The perfect prank stocking stuffer or add-on gift, this Big Dick Energy can make your friends and coworkers double-take. Disguise your drink at any event or at home when with the kids. Hand washes only. Travel Can does not include any beverage, liquid courage, or BDE inside - must acquire separately...