Stunned Mind

Stunned Mind "Send Noods" Ramen Bowl (16 oz)

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Whether you need an easy meal for studying, or you’re craving noodles for other purposes such as lunch or dinner, this bowl has your back! Send food pics to your friends and show them the wonders of good noods. A tasty treat for you and your friends, you’ll obviously have a great time with such a clever tagline. You’ll bring a lot of fun to your home or living room environment.

About this item:

FOR ANY RAMEN LOVER: Who wouldn’t like sitting down and enjoying a delicious bowl of noods! Fill this ramen bowl for your daily dose of tasty noodles. This is one bowl that you can enjoy eating from with its clever design!

NEVER BE DISAPPOINTED WITH YOUR NOODS: Never lose your chopsticks again with this clever bowl of noods! This bowl is great for lunches or dinners, especially if you’re also obsessed with ramen or udon. This bowl comes with a set of chopsticks for your convenience!

MAKE MEAL TIME FUN: Udon, Ramen, or Soba, this bowl can hold it all! Enjoy an at-home meal with hot bowls of ramen by using this product for any warm meal at the dinner table or desk. 

RAMEN EVERY DAY: To ensure long-lasting use with your favorite dish, make sure you gently hand wash this bowl. Do not microwave this product to ensure the quality stays the same as you reuse it over and over.