Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeons and Dragons "Crit and Fail" Set of 2 Pint Glasses (16 oz)

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No, you are not high enough to see double. These are the Set of two Pint glasses, to help you see double! Inspired by the hit series Dungeons & Dragons these glasses feature ampersand and Crit and Fail graphics on the other side of the glass, with an orange gradient tinted background. If you are a fan of this series these glasses are a must-have addition to your D&D collectibles. We bring you this perfect item for every occasion. These pint glasses are quality barware, the perfect addition to any beer glass collection, and can hold up to 16 ounces of your favorite beverage. These glasses are perfect for any occasion, whether a party with friends or a family get-together. These Glasses feature quality artwork, so not microwave or dishwasher safe and are meant for handwash only. 

About this item:

Dungeons & Dragons, 16 ounces, Set of 2 tinted pint glasses with bottom spray.

HIGH-QUALITY artwork is meant for hand washing ONLY and is not microwave-safe. Made of clear thick glass our pint glass is ‘extra’ durable, they won’t chip or break so easily.