Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer "Tanjiro and Nezuko" Water Bottle (18 oz)

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Product Description:

This bottle is great for any fan of the powerful Water Breathing techniques taught by Tanjiro’s own master Sakonji! With all 17 oz, it will give you all the energy needed to fight demons like a Hashira! While Tanjiro defends Nezuko and becomes stronger, this product is sure to keep you ready for action. The Water Breathing Technique is nothing to scoff at, as seen in the show by Tanjiro himself. With this merch, you too can have the mask worn by those who train under the Demon Slayer Corps. This is the Demon Slayer Merch any Anime fan will enjoy! If you’re a fan of Tanjiro, Zanetsu, or Nezuko.

About this item:

  • Great Gift For Any Warrior: Be like the Demon and train with this measurement bottle full of moves that only a great Demon can master. This measurement bottle will make sure to increase your power levels during all workouts.
  • Unique Design: Complete with Demon’s most well-known move sets, hydrate like the best with the Demon as your master.
  • Train Like Royalty: Perfect for going on a jog, or training for the next martial arts tournament. Make sure you take care of this product so that you to can increase your power levels because this bottle is hand wash only, and not meant for heat.
  • Capsule Corp Approved: Demon Slayer merchandise, perfect for gift giving. One, 18 oz water bottle imported. Ages 14+
  • Feel The Demon Power: Made from BPA-free plastic, this 18-ounce water bottle features a pop-up spout and a screw-on lid. Fill up this Demon water bottle with your favorite cold beverages.